6 Ways to Thank People in Your Network


Expressing gratitude to others takes a certain kind of noticing.

Once you pick up on something that person cares about, showing gratitude can be pretty easy — and fun.

Consider these six practices:

Send a specific thank-you note

An old-fashioned, hand-written thank you note on nice paper still goes a long way. Be specific, say why you are thanking them, and show them how your conversation made an impact on you.

Send something fun

Busy people get a lot of inbound communication; if you want to stand out, make your communication stand out. People get fewer handwritten notes than emails, so notes always win. But people get even fewer FedEx packages. So consider a package — or at least something beyond a note.

Make an introduction

Bringing two people together can be a serendipitous and generous act — that can spawn companies, friendships, and even marriages.

Offer to help — and deliver

At the end of a meeting, you could ask: “So – -you have helped me so much here. Is there anything I could possibly help you with?”

Circle back at a later date

Most people walk out of a meeting and do nothing. More organized people send an email. And the even more organized a hand-written note. But for nearly everyone, meetings are forgotten within a few weeks. Consider staying engaged by setting yourself a reminder to do something at a later date.

Make a good old-fashioned phone call

Many of your contacts won’t be able to answer during the workday, but even leaving a voicemail provides an opportunity to say thanks, tell them you are thinking of them, and even offer a little encouragement.

Small, regular practices of gratitude can change your life – -you’ll be healthier and sharper, as will those around you.