Our Services.

Research Animation.

Simply provide a summary of your research or chosen topic in 150 words or less, plus a few helpful images, and receive a fully illustrated, animated and narrated video that conveys your message.

Logo Design.

A logo for your group or lab to give a professional look to your social media and online presence and stand out in a crowded community.

Website Development.

A personal website is a great way to enhance your profile and communicate your research to the rest of the world.

Social Media Management.

We create engagement and audience on social media for your account based on your goals to boost your research profile online.

Why make a research video?

On average, people spend 160% more time on pages with video than without.

Looks great
Boosts citation
Increases chances of being picked by the media
All the data
Accept request

Why have an online presence?

Articles promoted on Twitter with a graphical abstract benefit from a 170% boost in article views.

Boosts credibility
Increases visibility
Higher research engagement